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Quick Note: Wine Life Links update

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

FYI to anyone who doesn’t know why I didn’t have them in the Wine Life Links – I was using a service to manage the links which disappeared (I’m a silly early adopter). So the updates I’ve made over the last 6 months or so got lost. If you don’t see your site there just send contact me on via Twitter (see “Where Else Am I” in the sidebar) or via the OpenWine Consortium messaging.




  Anonymous wrote @

Hey Joel,
Thanks for the link!
Write for Wine … Washington Wine Wench

  Anonymous wrote @

Hi Joel,

Are you interested in exchanging links – I am one of the few Blogging wine merchants and dealing with Bordeaux as I do I find plenty to write about . . . particularly at the moment as the 2008 vintage is due for tasting – with the all the usual politics and furore starting to build up in advance.



Check out Nick Stephens’s last blog post – Château Margaux and The Greek in the Médoc

  Anonymous wrote @

I was perusing your links, and thought I would inform you that 1winedude has changed his url from to

like your blog…..


  Anonymous wrote @

An interesting perspective

  Anonymous wrote @

An interesting perspective

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