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Hope is the engine that drives humanity…


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I’m sure there has been plenty said about the impending Obama presidency but I’m going to say my $.02.

Its really hard to describe what this means to me, to many many people for that matter.  Its not the end all be all, but its a milestone that seemed impossible two years ago.  Barack Obama, a black American, taking the head of the most powerful office in the free world.  Its not coincidence that the world looked at this as an instantaneous moral and morale boost – we just, as a collective nation – looked past everything and did what the majority of citizens (majority by popular vote) thought would be best for this country and that happen to mean putting a minority into the oval office.

A country that can do that should be able to speak rationally with other cultures and religious states, shouldn’t it?  Should be able to be open to listening to all sides of a debate and making a good decision shouldn’t it?  Clearly should be able to give the minority voice of other nations the ear they want when all they want is an ear to listen to them to restore their dignity, shouldn’t it?

Thats called hope.  Instantaneous, street credentialed hope.  For that I’m incredibly pumped for this country.  I don’t feel like cringing when I think about my president going and speaking to other nations.  I don’t have that feeling that I have a loud, obnoxious friend with me in a fancy restaurant who I love dearly but I just know he/she’s doesn’t belong in an environment that people want to be civilized and not sloppy drunk.  That is all gone today.

For me personally, I guess even expecting him to win I wasn’t expecting alot of feelings I had to bubble to the surface.  My father is my hero and he taught me basically if you’re at a disadvantage, well then too bad, you just have to work harder than the others.  Energy you waste complaining could be energy that could be putting you ahead.  Something I took to heart never complaining about the disadvantages of being black in America because I’m pretty confident in my abilities.  But even so, there is a bit of an unspoken limit to what could be accomplished.  Or at least there was one.  That hit me yesterday.  How can there be a limit?  Even with people trying to hold you back or not giving you the same chance, Obama is the president, anything can happen.  Truly.

Thinking about the people who died just on the faith that this day would come if they marched, took beatings in non-violent protest, and even lost their lives so that I could see this day and my kids would be in a different world.  Lost their LIVES on faith in this country’s ability to adjust and the hope that their efforts would make this time possible…that hit me yesterday.

My kids…I hugged my daughter (she’s been sick).  And I did cry a little.  She doesn’t have to know that limit.  She’ll never know that limit.  I’ve always thought racism was so ignorant that it was comical; something just ripe for satire.  I truly appreciated things like The Chappelle Show and Wayans Brothers productions (like Hollywood Shuffle) because they used comedy to highlight the absurdity of racism.  I love that.  But the racism takes on a whole new level of rediculousness when the leader of the most powerful nation in the world is a black man.  My daughter is 3 years old.  I have a sincere hope that could come true now – that she really won’t understand how people could be seriously racist.  That hit me yesterday too.

I think thats how I look at it.  The people that I struggle with now will be long dead and buried by the time my girls are my age.  And while it feels good for me now to see all this worldwide credibility restored and faith in our own democracy’s ability to adjust restored, its really when I think about the things my daughters will never know is when I can find the energy and enthusiasm for life.  I often think about how technology will change things, in fact I think about it constantly.  Think about how my daughters will never wake up at 6am on a Saturday to watch their favorite Saturday Morning cartoon because they can just pull it up.  In fact, my 3 year old has a hard time understanding why if “Dora” can play in her room, why can’t she continue watching it downstairs on the TV (yeah, DirecTV DVR, why the f*** not?).

Today I can think about more significant things that I didn’t really think about because I didn’t see this happening and I didn’t know when it would.  Not knowing that limit or perception of limit.  Dealing with racism (as its clearly not gone) but having a very different perspective as the racism shouldn’t be a limit on what she can do anymore than any other corporate political situation.  No more excuses – yes, “the man” might be holding you back but YOU are the only one limiting yourself because being black isn’t even an excuse for not being the f***ing President of the United States anymore!!

No more excuses for not achieving.

To me personally, it inspires me further to understand the wine industry because the lack of minorities (not women obviously) still puzzles me.  I mean, I get the demographic thing and the “snooty” thing but thats changing with social media, folks like Gary V, new generations coming in, etc…yet for some reason this industry is simply monochromatic.

No more excuses…



  Anonymous wrote @

[…] is the engine that drives humanity… Posted in November 6th, 2008 by in Uncategorized Hope is the engine that drives humanity… Image by Renegade98 via Flickr I’m sure there has been plenty said about the impending Obama […]

  Anonymous wrote @

Nice! Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed that.

  Anonymous wrote @

[…] post by WP-AutoBlog Import var AdBrite_Title_Color = ‘0000FF’; var AdBrite_Text_Color = ‘000000’; var […]

  Anonymous wrote @

A great piece of writing. It brought a few ideas together for me. I really liked the reference to you father…one of the many qualities I have always admired in him.

  Anonymous wrote @

Watching the tears in Jesse Jackson’s eyes trickle down his face was what truly sent the emotions churning inside of me…that man was standing by MLK when he was taken from us….I can’t begin to imagine what he was thinking and feeling, watching Obama take the stage. Great post.

  Anonymous wrote @

nice blog ,in my perception it is really very true that hope is a engine that drives humanity and biggest example is Mr Obama.i like his way of talking ,his presentation in any field.——————————————————————————————————–Alexander cruz

  Anonymous wrote @

nice blog ,in my perception it is really very true that hope is a engine that drives humanity and biggest example is Mr Obama.i like his way of talking ,his presentation in any field. he is a great source of inspiration for me.————————————————————————–Alexander CruzAccident Attorneys

  Anonymous wrote @

Great article. thanks.

  Anonymous wrote @

Are you still pumped about this country now? I'm a minority, and I don't make excuses. I have experienced discrimination, and unless someone has been the target of discrimination, they can't really understand the feeling. It hasn't stopped me though.

  Anonymous wrote @

Your goddamn right I'm still pumped. I'm pumped for my kids and my grandkids. Life is what it is for me and I'm at a disadvantage so I suck it up and work harder. But it will be incrementally better for my kids and incrementally better than that for my grandkids.When I was 4 years old, how real was the possibility of a minority president? Not very. Even 33 years later it's still a surprise. Unlike what most people think change doesn't happen over night. This presidential surprise was the closest thing to overnight change that we'll see for this country. To think you'll see a difference in your life immediately is naive.

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