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Track the global conversation around your brand…

Quick note to help folks (even those unfamiliar with Twitter) track what is being said about your brand.

To view this in “Full Screen” mode, click the  4-arrow button in the lower right corner of the video!



  Anonymous wrote @

Feel free to ask my any ?'s on this. Its really easy and useful!!

  Anonymous wrote @

Is it my pc or is the volume really low on this?

  Anonymous wrote @

[…] abbiamo fatto il live blogging da Vinitaly. La notizia di questa metodologia l’ho letta su Wine Life Today, blog che vi consiglio di seguire se siete interessati alle nuove tecnologie applicate al wine […]

  Anonymous wrote @

That’s a good trick, didn’t you you could do that with twitter. This will help out with some of the clients I conduct reputation management services. Thanks Joel!

  Anonymous wrote @

Your blog is very interesting. I would like to tell that I have been looking for such information and finally got it. Thanks a lot.regardscharcoal grill

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