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Wine Blogging Wednesday #12 announced: Think Global, Drink Local…

The premier virtual Wine Tasting event turns 1 year old next month and its creator, Lenn of LENNDEVOURS, is back as the host.

Just to review, Wine Blogging Wednesday is the Internet’s premier monthly Virtual Wine Tasting event.  The host blog picks a theme for the wines and bloggers post their tastings on their sites and let the host know who, in turn, posts the summary on their site.  Its open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  For any non-blogger, you can either e-mail your tasting directly to the host or go ahead and post a comment here and I’ll post it with Vivi’s entry to the wine tasting event.

Lenn’s theme is Drink Local. Real Local.

This time around…there’s only one rule: Drink a wine from the winery nearest to your apartment/house/shack/bungalow/flat/tent. Wine is being made in every state and just about every country so it’s time that the “eat local” movement be extended to vino for WBW.

So, figure out what winery is closest to you, pick up some wine and join us August 10th.

So there you have it.  August 10th submit your comment to this blog post or send it in to Lenn.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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