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Wine, Dinner, and the sex of our baby…

Some experiences are only enhanced by wine, not made by wine.  But thats the beauty and the essence of The Wine Life – its not a pissing contest to see who can recite the appellation of areas that no one cares about but special experiences that you can associate with wine that will forever marry a wine with an image, thought, and feeling.  Kelly and I had that this past weekend.

See, Kelly is pregnant with our first child and we decided that we did want to know the sex of that baby but neither of us wanted to be sitting in a doctor’s office and just have it blurted out to us.  But we didn’t want to wait until November when she’s due.  So we decided to make learning the sex of our baby a very special wine life moment.  We had the doctor write the sex of the baby in an envelope and then that weekend we setup a special time.

First, we reserved a quiet corner of The Fifth Floor in San Francisco.  A top notch restaurant with an impressive wine list.  Second we reserved a suite at the Four Seasons which is right around the corner from the Fifth Floor.  Then the plan was to go to dinner, get a glass of good wine, and open the envelope (of course we couldn’t wait for dinner, but at least we got some wine first


This isn’t exactly a weekend that you go running out and do all the time.  It’ll set you back quite a bit.  But when planning a special, once in a lifetime wine life moment like this (you only have one first baby) you have to ask yourself what else are you saving your money for?

The weekend was perfect.  We opened the envelope over a couple of glasses of chardonnay (Kelly only had a sip for the toast) and – BAM! – it’s a girl!  Tears are shed, kisses exchanged, and we get down to the perfect meal in the form of the Chef’s Tasting Menu with wine pairing (wine for me) to cap the night off.  Then, we head back to the Four Seasons for a relaxing soak in the giant bath tub and conversations about what type of boy is going to be able to date my little princess…

We’re blessed to have a healthy baby girl on the way and the moment we found out the sex will forever be a part of our never-ending wine life experience.

I didn’t write down very much on the dinner because I was lost in the moment but I did have the waiter get the wine names for me so that I could convey some thoughts.  Here’s a quick review of the wine that complimented this whole unforgettable night:

Trouillard Champagne Brut – a nice bubbly with a crisp grapefruit and hint of vanilla taste.

Hanna Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma 2004 – refreshing green apple which was served with a citrus tasting creme-fresh dish.  I’ve had Hanna SB before and its pretty good, not really anything special.  But paired with the right dish and it came alive (in fact I remember the food only because the pairing we so good!).

Westerly Vineyards Viognier, Santa Ynez 2002 – Very pleasant Viognier with nice honeysuckle aromas and subtle peach flavors.

Mer Soleil Late Harvest Viognier, 2002 – Amazing rose petal aroma with a fruity sort of nectarine taste.  Very nice.

Merry Edwards Pinot Noir, Sonoma 2002 – Very solid and complex Pinot.  I tasted an earthy blackberry flavor with a nice black cherry finish.

Les Tourelles de Lougueville, Paulliac 2001 – Earthy, truffle taste with a berry finish.  Nice but not my favorite wine of the night.  Paired nicely with the lamb dish served.

Blandy’s Bual Madeira 15 year – rich honey, nutty flavor is the best way to describe this 15yr old Portuguese gem.  This is admittedly my first Madeira NV so I may not be the expert but I certainly liked it.

Overall, times like these are the spice of life.  Live life, Enjoy the Wine Life!


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