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Red Wine Micronutrient Users Group Forms…?

Resveratrol Users Group Forms On The Internet To Talk Wine

OK, now this is odd.  I am actually a huge health nut ever since the day I found out how high my cholesterol was about a year ago.  After researching I decided to do the very California thing (seeing as how I’m from NY) and I went to the Tempus Clinic, a place that specialized in metabolism and metabolic health.  Long story short, through personal trainers, nutrionists, and one of the smartest doctors I’ve ever met I learned more than a normal person should learn about metabolism, micro-nutrients, polyphenols, whole real foods, and on and on.  The other thing I learned was Red Wine has a good micro-nutrient in it called Resveratrol (and actually Cocoa has it too) and that I could maintain optimal health while chugging red wine (ok, not chugging.  but drinking in moderation – a glass a night on average).

Cholesterol is down, didn’t take a single drug, and I’m drinking even better wines because if I’m down to only a few glasses a week (as opposed to measuring it in bottles per week) those are going to be some good damn glasses of wine.  Needless to say, I’m a bit of a nut about what I put in my body now and I extoll the virtuals of Red Wine whenever I can.  But I ran across this announcement which cracked me up and at the same time intrigued me – a user group dedicated to Resveratrol.  They have some very interesting stuff on the site.  Micronutrients and polyphenols are in their very early stage of discovery to the medical community but they seem to be forming the basis for many of the traditional, centuries old Eastern medicinal practices (Green Tea, herbs, roots, etc…). 

I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t do it myself.  Don’t know if I’m ready to commit to a user’s group on it, but I know Kelly appreciates the lengthened life expectancy (and the fact that I’m down to 10% body fat


As always, Enjoy the Wine Life!


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