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Bringing a new Wine Lover into the World!

Its official.  Kelly and I are bringing a new wine lover into the world!  It’ll be around

the Nov/Dec time frame!  We’re obviously pumped and blessed that we’re even able to have one (we’ve heard so many painful stories from friends about how long it takes).  But so far so good.  Everything is healthy and apparently happy.  We’ll find out the sex in a couple weeks.

In the mean time, we’ll post as much as possible but our tastings will obviously slow a bit.  I have made a friend in Gavin Trott from Australian Wine Center who’s sent me some outstanding boutique Australian wines that aren’t found in the US (thanks CA for not needing the Supreme Court to tell you its OK for me to do that

).  I’ll post the notes on that.

I’ll be investigating wine conservation methods pretty heavily now too because I’m the only one drinking so there’s usually half a bottle or more left after I’ve tried it (I’m not a heavy drinker – a glass after work is my “unwinding” technique and a good way to taste and make notes).  So I’ll post on that to.

Needless to say, other then Kelly being truly bummed about not drinking any vino we’re really pumped!

Enjoy the Wine Life everyone!


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