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Why the Bush “Weak Dollar Policy” SUCKS!

So, whats this post doing on a Wine Blog? We all drink wine to get away from daily life and get to our hobby/obsession/addiction don’t we? Why would I ever decide to talk about politics and intrude on our fun time?

Well, my friends, I haven’t introduced a foreign object into the continuity of wine life. It intruded on the wine life all by iteself. You see, I stumbled across a wine chat board all about Australian wine – This was a great little discovery because if you’re into California wines as I am, you’re sure to love Australian wines as well. So this board really was interesting to me.

So I proceeded to sign up and started chatting with the folks over there. Turns out these guys are really friendly and their as obessed with grape-juice as anyone I’ve met. So, reading the conversations and participating on the boards I got some leads on some really interesting sounding Australian Shiraz. I couldn’t wait, and I still can’t wait, to try some of these recommendations.

Turns out the owner of the board, Gavin Trott, also owns the Australian Wine Center, a wine retail shop in South Australia. He does have the wines that were being chatted about at his shop. “Sign me up!” raced through my head.

Gavin sent me the quote – about $22 a bottle for this stuff that they were all RAVING about and is actually part of “Gavin’s Picks”, wines that Gavin highlights for his shop. That included shipping, overseas, from Australia to my door.

So where does the Bush Weak Dollar policy fit in this? The case of wine for $264 with shipping would have costed me about $165 sometime in 2001!!! DAMN that Bush Weak Dollar Policy! Gavin had to rub it in by telling me “I could land anything there cheaper than you could get it locally! No more!”

Painful…but what hell. Finding great wines from boutique wineries all over the world is an important part of Enjoying the Wine Life!


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