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Juice Round-up – Wine Reviews

Here are the reviews from last week. Wine Blogging Wednesday also happened this week. When the round-up is finished by Andrew over at I’ll let you know!

Collectively, the blogs of the world represent a little less “high and mighty” and more of an approachable view of wines they’ve tasted. In fact, they often rebuke “the establishment” of wine. More approachable wine discussions are good for everyone. Wine Blogs of the world make good reading and more often then not they find some smaller winery wines that may get overlooked elsewhere.

Adler at Vinography leads the pack this week in tastings. As a matter of fact, he seems to drink and write-up quite a few wines every week. This guy’s up in the city, I gotta tie one on with him one night. I’m 6’3″ and 200 pounds but the way he paces himself my guess is he’d drink me under the table easy!

Sfida 2003 Rosso (Puglia) [LENNDEVOURS]
Channing Daughters Winery 2003 Blaufrankisch [LENNDEVOURS]
Stanton & Killeen Liqueur Muscat, Rutherglen, Australia [Spittoon]
2002 Torbreck “Runrig” Shiraz, Barossa Valley, Australia [Vinography]
2003 Weingut Berger, Blauer Zweigelt, Kremstal, Austria [Vinography]
1998 Podere Salicutti Brunello Di Montalcino (Tuscany), Italy [Vinography]


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