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WineHacker – Oops! Red wine and white material don’t mix!

Kelly and I bought our house brand-spankin’ new about 9 years ago. At the time we didn’t know jack about buying a house so we took the “near white” colored wall-to-wall carpeting. We pretty quickly learned that this really is not conducive to entertaining guests. Aside from asking for shoes to be removed constantly, you spend the whole party sweating who’s going to drop the first glass (or even drop!) of red wine.

Well, if it happens, and it will, here’s what we’ve learned from experience:

Pour a generous amount of salt on the stain and pat it down to help it absorb. Leave for 10 minutes or so, then scrape away the salt. Pour club soda on the spot and blot it with a paper towel (or clean rag). If you drop it on white linen or clothing, do the same thing but then wash it while its still wet (don’t let any residue settle). Sometimes letting the garment soak in club soda overnight does a slightly better job.

Ultimately we got rid of the carpet for a full tile floor in the “party” areas of the house. Didn’t want to sweat it out every party. We just want to Enjoy the Wine Life!

By the way, feel free to leave us your tip on this topic in the comments below. There is definitely more than one WineHack for this problem!


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