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WineHacker – Perfect tasting everytime

What would a wine blog with a WineHacker section be without a tip on wine tasting? Well, we’re about to remedy that….

Ever go to a wine tasting room or to a friend’s place for tasting and see the server rinse your glass with water in between tastings? Or, not rinse the glass at all? This is actually a problem if you hope to get the full flavor from your next taste. See, since a “taste” is only 2 ounces or so, the water or wine from the last serving left over in the glass can actually have an affect on the next taste because its so small. You could get a new glass, but for a little taste thats kind of overkill (and alot of dishes to hand wash!).

There is a winehack to take care of this. If you taste one wine and are moving on to the next, take a little bit of the next wine, swish it around in the glass and dump it out. Then pour your 2 ounce taste. What this does is effectively rinse out the glass and all it leaves behind is residue of the wine you’re about to taste anyway! Voila – the perfect taste using the same glass!

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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