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Front-runner for “WineHack of the Year”

In a move clearly designed to win “WineHack of the Year”, Scientist Dr Karl Blanks, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, proves how to value a bottle of wine, just by feeling its dimple.

According to Dr. Blanks, “Someone buys you a bottle of wine and you want to know how much it cost. Nightmare!” He continues,”At a party, you have to choose which bottle to open. Aaarrgh! Here’s a handy trick. Feel the depth of the dimple at the bottom of it. The more expensive the bottle, the deeper its dimple will tend to be.”

While originally though to be an urban myth, others agree with Dr. Blanks.

Dr Blanks created a purpose-made (i.e. home-made) depth gauge and carried out measurements on a large number of bottles of red wine at his local supermarket. The results suggested a clear link between dimple depth and price, which could be best described by the equation

Price of Bottle = (Dimple Depth in Millimetres + $6.65) / 4.314

Statisticians from around the world provided their support to verify that the results were valid. “Although the equation does not tell the whole story”, said Dr Blanks “it clearly demonstrates that there is a relationship.”

If this holds up, clearly Dr Blanks has created the most elaborate WineHack to date and is the early front runner for WineHack of the Year!

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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