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WineHacker – Quick Check on wine before you buy can save you some heartache

If you haven’t run across a bad bottle of wine (you can usually tell because it’ll taste stale or smell like a moldy cellar) then you’re one of the lucky ones. There’s never any intention to sell you a skunked bottle of wine, but it does happen. The reality is that while the wine was produced and bottled correctly, alot of times the transport and handling of the wine can cause problems that ruin the wine. Here are a couple of quick things you can do to check BEFORE you get it home and crack it open for that romantic meal (or worse, open months or years later for that very special moment only to find it skunky wine):

* Check the capsule for residue. If the bottle leaked or had a seal broken then there will be some stickiness or other residue on the bottle.

* Check to see if the capsule was pushed up by the cork. This could indicate a problem that has caused the pressure in the bottle to push up the cork and somewhere along the line the bottle leaked. There could be residue in this case but if the stock person wiped off the bottle you wouldn’t find that.

* Checking the color of the wine is another way but in most cases you can’t really see the color.

These three quick checks can help you avoid some disappointment down the line. Most retailers will take back a skunked bottle with no questions asked, but by then the moment is gone.

Enjoy the wine life!


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