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Bottle Caps – The Next Generation

Susanne over at started a thread with an article that takes the screw-cap discussion in yet another direction – Beer-bottle style caps on champagne bottles! The Independent is reporting that the Moet Hennessey will launch the first sparkling wine in Britain to be sealed with a beer-bottle cap. While they believe the traditional cork will never get completely phased out they do feel the bottle-cap will give the similar “pop” and that it is most certainly safer so people will get used to it. John West, Moët Hennessy brand director for wines, also points out the removal of any chance of cork “taint”.

The most interesting detail will be to see how much of champagne’s popularity is tied to that “flying cork”. We’ve stated before that the attachment to corks in wines is heavily emotional and it would seem that Champagne’s most identifiable feature is the popping cork (far more tied to its image than even cork in still wines). Can Champagne survive a corkless future? We’ll get an idea from Moet Hennessey’s latest move.

For the latest on the discussion of the topic head over to the forum.

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