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First WineHacker Tip – Preserving an open bottle

Welcome to the first WineHacker Tip. A hacker is defined as “A user of a computer who attempts to understand the particulars of a computer. A hacker will look for ways around things while using a computer.” A “WineHacker” is someone who knows, loves, and enjoys the wine life to a level that they can provide tips that make getting things done easy and fun.

This section of our blog will dig deep into the wine world to bring simple and totally wine life-altering tips and tricks for making wine easy and enjoyable. If you’d like to contact Vivi’s with suggestions, comments, or product announcements for the WineHacker section of the blog, you can email us at

That being said, here’s the first WineHacker Tip – Preserve your open bottle using a half bottles

I recently had a discussion with some other online wine oenophiles and someone had asked “what do you do with an open bottle of wine?”. First, it preserves better if its kept refridgerated. The perfect serving temperature varies depending on type.

Now the important part – preventing the wine from “going bad”. Basically, oxygen is the agent that changes the wines flavors once their open. Some oxygen exposure is usually good but leaving it overnight or longer is not a good idea. There are many gadgets that work but there is one method that is simple and almost too obvious to see:

If you drink half the bottle (2 glasses), then you can keep the rest in a clean 375ml half bottle. Simple. It only requires three things – a little kitchen funnel, a clean 375ml wine bottle, and a cork. Just buy a half bottle of any wine, clean it out thoroughly including the cork, and save it. Next time you crack open a bottle and can’t finish it just pour it into the half bottle using the funnel and cork it. Voila! you have a little bottle full of wine with no room for oxygen. This should help it keep for a couple more days (although not indefinitely – once its open, its open!).

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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