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Simple Wine Ratings

Our friends over at WineTalk have (with a little prodding by the JuiceCowboy) created a simple yet elegant wine rating system. Its based on 15 point scale and makes it easy enough for anyone to participate. The goal of the system is to allow everyone to Enjoy the Wine Life and to express it in simple terms to facilitate conversations about your favorite wines! Our favorite wine life forum does it again!

The ratings are simple. 15 points that breakdown like this: 1 to 5 for “In your mouth”, 1 to 5 for “bang for your buck”, and 1 to 5 for “Emotional response”. The ratings breakdown as follows:

In your mouth
1- sand paper
2- passable
3- good enough
4- smooth and balanced
5- goes down as mother’s milk

Bang for a buck, quid, euro
1- is this wine made of gold?
2- expensive, but solid
3- worth it!
4- Good Vibrations
5- buy more and tell your friends

Emotional review
1- my enemies should drink it
2- I’d share it with my undertaker
3- good enough for my sibling
4- Thank you, Sir, may I have another?
5- I better buy more before the store runs out

The rating system is to spark conversation among everyone from the newly initiated to the very experienced. Its simple enough for anyone to try and designed to make the most important element, your taste, the key ingredient to the rating. So if you rate wines using this methodology people will start to understand your personal tastes. And as its been said by a certain incarcerated CEO “thats a good thing”.

Bravo to WineTalk for adopting a point system to spark conversation and to bring the Wine Life to everyone.


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