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Photorealism Wine Art

Ran across an interesting site today. There are many aspects to the wine life and one not often talked about (on many of the blogs anyway) is art. There is an artist with some fairly interesting “photorealistic” wine paintings that seemed worth sharing with everyone. The site is and the artist identifies himself only as “E. Denis”. His paintings capture pretty much what the description of the site details – Wine with photorealistic detail. They are interesting in and of themselves and certainly if you’re into photorealism and wine then he’s pretty much targeting you.

Even more interesting is the artist’s background.

E. Denis is a Belarussian born in 1971. He was “pushed” into art by his parents, which made him rebel (i.e. he sounds like a normal teenage boy). He served in the Army during the fall of the Soviet Union and

opened a couple of businesses but it took a divorce from his wife for him to re-evaluate his direction, which ultimately lead him to find religion and follow his heart back to art. You can read his full background on his site.

Needless to say, he seems to be doing pretty well. His work is impressively precise and decidedly focused on the Wine life. If you’re not interested in personally owning this type of work it would certainly make interesting additions to wine-related business environments. His work will be on display at the Art Expo in the Jacob Javits Center in NYC March 3rd to 6th. Good luck, E. Denis. Remember Vivi’s when you’re rich and famous!


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