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Wine Blogging Wednesday #5 Next Week

Wacky Names is the theme this time around. We’ll be participating for the first time and contributing to the event. LENNDEVOURS started it (great idea, many thanks) and now Vivi’s is gonna take part. We’ve read some of the reviews that come from past WBWs so we look forward to participating.

Looking forward to it!

If you don’t know, the rules according to LENNDEVOURS:

The rules…don’t spend more than 15USD on the bottle. It must come from a New World wine nation that isn’t the U.S., which leaves you places such as Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Chile. Once you drink the wine (hopefully with friends!() you should post a picture of the bottle/label and write a little blurb with your impressions of the wine, what food you either did or would pair with it and, if possible, post an “official” tasting note for the wine. You can often find those online. I like to read those first and then compare it with what my palate tastes. It’s a good way to learn as well.

This time around, WBW is being hosted by chez pim and she’s got some house rules:

All the normal rules apply, –except for the one on the price limit, go ahead, review a $500 wine, see if I care– please choose a wine, any color, any varietal, any appellation –any whatever, really– as long as it has got a wacky name. The wackier the better, in any language, even, do translate the name into English for us though, pretty please.

Come Wednesday January 26th, please post the review on your blog and send me a trackback, drop a comment, or even email me to let me know. If you haven’t a blog, emailing me your entry is fine (chezpim at gmail dot com), I will post the blogless entries here chez moi.


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