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Wine Gadget Extraordinaire…

There are a couple things I’m a bit of a freak about outside of wine – gadets and finding stuff on the Internet.  The latter really helps the former.  I was reading about a wine bar in San Francisco where they had an automated, self-serve tasting system – VinoVenue.  Its been written about often in wine blogs (here, here) over the last few months but what I thought was interesting was that there were thoughts that no one knew where to get one. 

In fact, the article states “Slattery [the owner of VinoVenue] refuses to divulge the city or even country in Europe where she
found the dispensers because she doesn’t want a competitor to ink a
distribution deal before she does. However, she says the machines are used in
Japan, Germany and Italy.”  Now being the way I am, thats pretty much a challenge for the JuiceCowboy.

So, Juice was on the loose tonight and, after of series of investigations, I found them.

The company is New Zealand based “Enomatic”.  Here is what their website says about the system.

With so many different wine labels and varieties it is not easy to find our way in such a vast and growing market.

At Enomatic we believe that only the pleasure of tasting can lead to the right choice.

It is with this spirit that our state-of-the-art Italian designed and manufactured Wine Serving System has been created.

Simply by pressing a button, you can serve the wine of your choice .

patented technology enables a bottle of wine to be opened and protected
from oxidation. Even after 3 weeks the wine tastes as if the bottle has
just been opened.

Note: ‘Eno’ is the Greek word for wine.

The master distributor is in New Zealand with pending distribution deals in the US.  There are a few different models including a “roll-away” model and a portable (4 or 8 bottle) model.  These could be a real revenue generator for a wine business as you can do two things – get people to pre-pay for tasting (most pre-paid stuff goes unused, hence the reason you “free” minutes programs from Cell phone providers cost $49.99 per month) and second you can operate tastings with a reduced headcount (employees being the biggest expense for a wine-related retail business).

If you know wine retailers, winery tasting room owners, or any other wine business looking for an automated way to expand their business, they should look at these devices.  Personally, I know a wine retail franchise operation that might find this interesting.



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The Bottle Is Half Full!

When the glass is empty and the bottle is half-full, what do you do to save your vintage bottle of wine?


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