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“Sideways” – Great date-night flick

Kelly and I have been married for 8 and a half years and every now and then we still make sure we do “date night”. Saturday night we hit Santana Row in Silicon Valley for dinner at the Village Cafe (killer Free-Range Chicken in a Zinfandel sauce; “Coq Au Zin” they call it) then we went on to watch “Sideways” at the CineArts Theaters (a Century Theater venue for independent films).

(Turns out the little camera on my phone isn’t totally useless – you might notice the back of people’s heads in some of the screen shots :)…

If you don’t know, this story is set in the Santa Barbara County wine region, much of it happening in the town of Los Olivos. Miles Faymond (Giamatti), a divorced middle school teacher and failed novelist, and his altar-bound friend Jack (Church) take a wine-tasting trip, pondering questions about their directions in life.

There are many reviews of the movie so I won’t get into the gory detail of the storyline (since I also hate reading reviews that regurgitate the story just to take up space because they’re paid per word).

Needless to say, this movie had a great mix of adult comedy (which I differentiate from another recent favorite of mine – Dodgeball) and a good story that lacked the sappiness of “A Walk In the Clouds”, another California Wine Country based movie that critic raved about. This movie had great fun at the expense of over zealous wine people without alienating wine enthusiasts. The main character is really only comfortable in his own skin when he’s dealing wine and as he gets more comfortable with his life and choices the movie moves beyond his comfort zone (wine) and toward the other aspects of his life (relationships, direction, etc.)…

But in all honesty, if you can laugh at yourself and you’re a wine lover then you really need to check this movie out and take a date – they’ll appreciate it. And thats coming from a guy who puts Dodgeball in the “Top 10” section of his DVD collection.

By the way, it actually won two Golden Globes last night for Screen Play and Motion Picture – Comedy. It deserved alot more!

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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