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Keep It Cool – Fridge Thermometer

No matter what the size of the wine cellar – a full room down to a 20-bottle Fridge – it really does help to serve and store the wine at the right temperature. It keeps longer and the flavor is better than if you keep it out on the counter or in the food fridge. The fact is that variations in temperature (cool to warm then back to cool) makes wine go bad faster. You should store wine at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it at an even temperature in a wine fridge or somewhere where the temperature doesn’t change.

Now, even if you have a fridge, you may not know the temperature you’re storing it at. Thats where a Fridge Thermometer comes in. We use this one for our fridges that don’t come with thermometers built in. It costs about $12.99 and works just fine. Nothing fancy and you can make sure you maximize you wine’s life. has some serving temperature suggestions for different wines.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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