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A Wine Tool For Massive Tools

Found an interesting wine tool today while I was tooling around look at wine stuff because I am a massive tool…

Anyway, its an interesting poster that gives a visual way to look at wine grape varietals, basically in a spectrum.  It covers descriptions from the common wines to the very very obscure.

Pretty cool.  Mine’s on order.  Trying to taste all the squares (if you do 100 then you can join their “Century” club) is an interesting way to Enjoy the Wine Life!

The Wine Lover’s Page has this to say about it: 

…Recently I ran into a guy who’s even more deeply into the pursuit of the rare and obscure than I am. And I’m delighted to report that this gent, Steve De Long, with his wife, Deborah, has recently launched a product so delightfully offbeat (yet educational) that I couldn’t resist joining with him to help publicize it.

Steve’s Wine Grape Varietal Table (pictured above in our Graphics Edition or viewable online at his Website, linked below), is a quality fine-art poster – accompanied with a densely-packed, informative pocket-size book – that displays nearly 200 wine-grape varieties, sorted by color, body and acidity, in a format that should draw a nostalgic “Yeah!” from anyone who’s ever sat in a high-school or college chemistry classroom: It is modeled after the classic periodic table of the elements.

Just like its scientific predecessor, the Wine Grape Varietal Table organizes its subject rationally, placing similar “elements” nearby each other on the table, ranked with other chemicals, er, wine grapes of similar body, acid and color, from Grenache/Garnacha way down in the dark-purple, low-acid, super-heavyweight corner to Savatiano up in the pale-greenish-gold, “flyweight” upper right. (You’ll note that its idiosyncratic nature is futher heightened by the use of boxing terms to generalize about the body of the wines.)

Whether you’re looking for a grape as common as Pinot Noir (light welterweight, high to moderate acidity) or as obscure as Hondarrabi Zuri (light featherweight, high to very high acidity), you’ll find them on the Varietal Table, each entry loaded with concise information about the grape, its identifying characteristics, the wines it’s used in, and where it’s from.

If you have a wine but don’t know its composition, the accompanying softcover “Wine and Grape Indexes” book is at hand. A pocket-size volume so comprehensive that it makes all its predecessors look puny, it lists thousands of wines (alphabetized by grape and by wine type within category), imparting the exact grape composition of each.

Boxed in a large, sturdy cardboard container, ready for gift-wrapping, this set would make a good gift for any wine enthusiast on your list; and if your recipient (even yourself) qualifies as a true wine “geek,” then he’s just got to have it. Wine accessories just don’t get any more geeky than this … and that’s a compliment….

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