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Mondavi-Brand Assimilation Plan Announced

Mondavi the man was honored late last year when Napa County renamed a portion of Hwy 29, which runs through the heart of Napa Valley, to “Robert Mondavi Memorial Highway”. The ‘Memorial’ part is unusual because the man is 91, not dead. But they’re considering changing that.

At any rate, Constellation Brands is working to integrate the Mondavi brand with it Franciscan operation. Franciscan is ultimately owned by Constellation but it operates independently. So Mondavi and its luxury brands will be added to the Franciscan Estates portfolio.

Hey, Franciscan Cabernet had some pretty good years as a high value wine so I’m not knocking Franciscan by any stretch. Its just a bit upside down to see the Mondavi luxury brands (Mondavi, Opus, etc…) as part of Franciscan’s portfolio…

What the ultimate fate of Mondavi brands will be is yet to be determined. Franciscan makes a strong cabernet and no matter how you slice it there is going to be product cannibilization. Hey Franciscan, ask General Motors how many years it to for them to figure out two cars in the same class doesn’t add up to double the sales…

Enjoy the Wine Life!

#1 Premium Wine Supplier in the U.S. Focuses on Growth and Integration

NAPA, CALIF (January 12, 2005)—Following the acquisition of The Robert Mondavi Corporation by Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE: STZ, ASX: CBR), Constellation Wines U.S. and Franciscan Estates today announced integration plans for the Robert Mondavi business.

The flagship Robert Mondavi Napa brand and the Robert Mondavi Winery will become a part of Franciscan Estates, Constellation’s independent fine wine company. Robert and Margrit Mondavi will continue to serve as ambassadors for the winery.

“Robert Mondavi is a visionary who has built what is undoubtedly one of the world’s most recognized brands. We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the image of the Robert Mondavi brands,” said Jon Moramarco, president and CEO of Franciscan Estates. “From a fine wine perspective, with the addition of the Robert Mondavi Winery, our portfolio of fine wines is among the most highly sought after in the world.”

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