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Metrokane to Wine Public: “Easy does it.”

Metrokane bills itself as a company that “designs housewares products that are unique and proprietary with broad consumer appeal.” When it comes to the Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew we recently purchased and reviewed, we’d have to agree.

The Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew, and its competitive design knock-offs, operate by clamping the neck of the bottle between the handles of the rabbit, then using a lever to push the “screw” part of the corkscrew into the cork. Upon reaching the bottom of the motion, the lever locks the “screw” into place and the reverse motion pulls the cork out. Repeating the action without the bottle, allows you to just as quickly dispose of the cork.

Its tough to explain the operation in words, because its actually amazingly easy, but we wanted to try because its important when talking about the knock-off brand that we bought before getting the Metrokane. We decided to try out some new corkscrew designs and had actually first purchased a slightly less-expensive Metrokane knock-off from Sharper Image. It more or less operated the same way and was working very well for about a dozen or so bottles over the span of a couple of weeks (and a couple of parties). The problem was that, unlike the Metrokane Rabbit, the body of the corkscrew had some plastic moving parts. Long story short – plastic and levers are not a good match. After several bottles the plastic couldn’t handle the forces inside the body of the corkscrew and broke rendering the corkscrew completely useless.

Plastic bodies
on corkscrews like this will not last! Look for Metrokane’s metal body to
last a long time.

Bottom line: We HIGHLY recommend the Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew and make it a MUST for any wine drinker. Say goodbye to twisting away with other corkscrews because this is the easiest way to remove corks without strain to your wrist or your wallet. Run-of-the-mill corkscrews are OK in a pinch but for dinner parties and social events this is a handy way to pull out a cork without a real mess with the cork. If you use this puppy and the cork still breaks up, you better take a good wiff because its pretty likely that bottle is going to be funky. Smell the bottle for a musty odor because its probably corked.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


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