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Are you ready for a big “O”?

Riedel “O” wine tumblers are throwing wine snobs a curve ball. All the more reason Vivi’s needs to highly recommend them.

First thing to notice is the fact that they have no stem. The “O” is a modern take on the centurys old wine tumbler. Wine tumblers are typically associated with old school Italian wine drinking (big dinner party, large array of Italian foods, some bottles of classic Chianti, and tumblers around the entire table). Riedel has taken that concept and created a modern wine tumbler.

But your wine-snob-turned-Sensai friend said that the proper way to hold a wine glass is by the stem so that you don’t warm the wine with your body heat. Thats all well and good but in practical use, the “O” is just fine. Really, unless you wrap both hands around the body of your glass or you hold the glass for an extremely long time, you really aren’t going to warm the wine up any faster than the air would. Typical people pick up a glass of wine, take a drink, then put it back down. And if you’re hosting a party with wine its WAY easier to use the “O” glasses because the instances of tipped glasses and, in worst case scenarios, broken glasses are greatly reduced. In practical use, the “O” glass is a great accessory.

If you’re having a formal tasting then maybe breakout the stemware because you want the “true” temperature of the wine to remain constant. But if you’re not hard core and things aren’t quite so buttoned up give the Riedel “O” glass a shot. In our opinion its a welcome addition to the wine life so Enjoy!


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